Simplify your family with these easy activities that will make memory for years to come.

5 Activities to Simplify Your Family Christmas

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Confession.  A few years ago, I became fed up with the way we handled Christmas.  We were rushing from one activity to another, always on the go.  By the time Christmas Day rolled around, I was weary to the core.  We lost our focus on the true reason for the season among brightly colored packages and festive family gatherings.

I vowed to make a change and to simplify Christmas.

I promised to get rid of the unnecessary that distracted our hearts and vied for our attention.

I let go of the busyness that left me exhausted so I could focus on my family and the true reason for the season.

Besides paring down our decorations and streamlining our gift list, we also simplified our family activities.  Gone was the need to knock out complicated Pinterest crafts and decorate like the cover of Southern Living.  We embraced the opportunity to simplify and in return, our family was joyful and connected.

This year I challenge you to examine your traditions and pare down the excess.  May you have the courage to fight the expectations of the world and refocus your family Christmas on the reason for Jesus’ birth.

Thankfully, the five Christ-centered activities below fit into any busy holiday.  Better yet, they’re made EASY and SIMPLE with the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Tradition System.  This 143-page printable pack will help your family focus on the true meaning of Christmas while building family traditions.

Keep your family Christmas simple and sweet with these 5 simple activities. Stay focused on the true reason for the season and on staying connected at the heart.

Have a seasonal family Bible study

Children embrace the opportunity to learn the miracle of the Christmas story, and this special season is the perfect time to start a family Bible study.   Guiding children through Luke 2 and Matthew 2 instills a strong foundation of Scripture. Then, parents have the chance to teach the valuable lesson of reading and studying the Bible.

To make it simple, the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Tradition System is packed with practical tools to enhance your family Bible reading. It includes a Christmas Bible reading plan that extends beyond the birth of Jesus, Scripture Memory Cards and a Scripture Response sheet.

Personally, I LOVE that the work is all done for me and I only have to print and start!

Do acts of kindness

Nothing teaches kids how to live generously more than giving together as a family.  The acts of kindness in the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Tradition System are an easy way to give back together.  Simply print the kindness cards and have the kids choose an activity.  Then, they will love the opportunity to help others and you’ll love the opportunity to build character.  What a tangible way to teach kids to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Create a Scripture-filled Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t love waking up each December morning and opening the day’s Advent calendar?  This year, instead of buying a pre-made one you’ll use once, make a Scripture -filled Advent Calendar you’ll cherish for years to come.

Next, print off the pattern in the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Tradition System and assemble using the included directions.  Hang with mini clothespins on a line or add to a picture frame for a beautiful and meaningful holiday decoration.

Make an ornament to represent the year

Create a keepsake of the year by having each member of your family make an ornament. The Christ-Centered Christmas Family Tradition System has printable ornament patterns and the creations will be treasured for years to come! You’ll enjoy reminiscing about Christmases past with these special keepsakes!

Have a birthday party for Jesus

Having a mini-birthday party for Jesus doesn’t have to be elaborate!  Celebrate with red velvet cake or cupcakes to signify the red blood He shed at the cross.  The white icing represents the cleansing of our souls when we accept Him as Lord and Savior.

Next, wrap up a “gift” for Jesus.  Using a box, have each family member write or draw the gift of sacrifice they want to give to Jesus.  Since we can’t tangibly give Him a gift, help each child think through how we can honor him in our everyday lives.

These fun and sweet activities will help you focus on the true reason for the season while uniting your family Christmas. The best part is, the printables you need for these special activities can be found in the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Tradition System.  Finally, enjoy a relaxing family Christmas you’ll cherish for years to come.  You’ll love how much freedom it brings!

Check out the Christmas Family Traditions System and stress less!  You deserve it!

What special traditions do you have that celebrate Jesus?

How do you simplify your family Christmas?

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  1. Perfect timing. Last night my family was making a list of things we wanted to do this Christmas–so many of these things need to be on our list!

    1. Sarah Ann says:

      I love the idea of getting the whole family involved and planning the fun! Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Sarah Ann says:

      Thanks, Janelle! I can’t wait to start them with the family. I know the kids will love them all!

  2. Oooh, we used to have a birthday party for Jesus when all my kids were littles — and I’m thinking that this would be a fun thing to do with my Sunday School kidlets in December!

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