4 Practical Ways to be a Blessing to Your Husband

One of the many privileges I have in my marriage is that I can be a blessing to my husbandAs the women of the house, I can set the tone for our home and our marriage relationship.

We all know that a happy spouse means a happy house.  (The opposite is true as well)

But, instead of having it be the job of our husbands to make us happy, we should take the opportunity to bring joy into our home by being a blessing to our husbands.

As a Christian wife, I should desire to bring my husband blessings and good things.

Proverbs 31:12   She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

Proverbs 31:12 encourages wives to bring good into their home and not evil.  There are many ways to bring good things into our homes and our marriages. 

I have focused on the ways I can bring joy to my husband by blessing him in these ways (and I promise, it’s easier than you think!)

Pray for Him

I can bring my husband blessing by praying for him. I am a stay at home wife while my husband works at an office job all day. His days are filled with tons of stress and meetings. He does not always have to time to pray for himself or our family.

So, that’s where I can step in.

Praying for my husband brings me peace and blesses him because I am bringing him into God’s presence. I try to pray for my husband on a daily basis.

Then, I pray that God would bring him wisdom, peace, direction and so on.

Praying for my husband not only blesses him, but it blesses me as well and helps me have a better relationship with God.  Learn more about praying for your husband here.


Encourage Him

When I have an idea, I love nothing else but to be affirmed in it and encouraged to follow through on it.

The same could be said for our husbands.  My husband Loves to be heard and encouraged. I am sure your husband feels the same way.

When your husband comes home and tells you about his day, you can be a big blessing by encouraging him.

You can encourage him by telling him how proud you are of his hard work. Just validating his work is a huge encouragement.

There are so many ways you can encourage your man and be a blessing to your husband.

Love Him

Since you are married, you would think that loving your husband would come easily. To tell you the truth, at the start it is easy. But as time goes one, and life gets in the way, it can be harder and harder to feel loved and show loved.  

One of the books that helped us in our marriage is called: the 5 Love languages. This book explores all the ways that we show love and receive love.

Plus, it encourages people to find their spouse’s love language and then speak it.

My husband feels the most loved when I speak words of affirmation to him.

This was a new concept for me because words of affirmation were not something that I heard and did not really know when to give or how to give.  So, I spent some time to figure out ways that I could tell my husband some words of affirmation.

Then, I specifically choose to speak these words to my husband on a regular basis.

What love language does your husband speak? Do you take to time to speak it to him? If not, I highly encourage you try and see how things change in your marriage. It’s another practical way to be a blessing to your husband.

Speak no evil of him

As women, we all know other women who have nothing nice to say about their husbands. They go on and on about things they are unhappy about and the latest thing their husbands have done. (Having a critical spirit is just one of the ways NOT to be a Proverbs 31 wife!)

When these conversations happen, I get uncomfortable.  Personally, I believe that there is a time to speak about your marriage and your husband, but it is not in public or in negative ways.

As wives, we should try to not speak evil of our husbands.  Instead, we should speak of how much they love us and what they are doing to take care of them.

We should speak of them in such a way that other people thing: wow, he really takes care of his wife and children.

I know that for some of you, this might be hard. So to start, think of one thing your husband does well. Now, every time you talk about your husband, instead of focusing on the negative,  be sure to talk about what he is good at.

This one word could change your relationship for good!

How being a blessing to your husband impacts your marriage

If you are in a rough time in your marriage, then some of these suggestions may sound crazy. But, the best way to jump start your relationship is to be a blessing to your husband.

Being a blessing to your husband may not solve the small issues you face in your marriage. But, it will help you be more thankful and less resentful.

If you are more thankful, your husband will notice and will start to mirror your behavior back to you. It will start a pattern of good communication and will start to tear some of the walls down.

So, if you truly want to have a happier marriage, then it start being a blessing to your husband.

How are some ways try to be a blessing to your husband?

Anne Markey has 3 kids (2 girls and a boy), and a wonderful husband who she has been married to for more than 10 years. Her passion is to help women discover who they are in Christ and how to be a mother, a wife and so on in the light of the gospel. She does this by writing at One Determined Life and offering free resources. Join her on







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