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20 Ways to Have FUN at Home on New Year’s Eve

I have a confession.  Last New Year’s Eve, I didn’t stay up until midnight. Pathetic, I know.

With little kids, it’s just too hard for us to go out on New Year’s, so we usually end up staying home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my flannel pants and wearing no make-up, but this year I am determined to have fun at home on New Year’s Eve and make it a night of family fun.

I’ve come up with a list of fun activities, that will suit any couple, family or party. Just because you are staying home, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!


Family have fun at home on New Year's Eve

20 Ways to Have Fun at Home on New Year’s Eve

Indoor camping

Get a small tent, put on a fire, roll out the sleeping bags and settle in for some “outdoor” fun. If you’re brave, venture outside and ring in the new year under the stars.  Don’t forget the s’mores!

Board game competition

Gather your favorite board games for a night of friendly {or not so friendly!} competition.  Set a point value for winning each game {ex: winner of each game gets 5 pts. or have some games worth more points than others}.  The winner gets bragging rights for the whole year or until the next competition!

These printable activities feature some of our favorite New Year’s games, including a fun (but intense!) candy dice game!!

Have a luau

It may be cold, but think warm thoughts and have a luau for the whole family.  Cook island favorites, make tropical drinks and don’t forget the grass skirt and the coconuts!

60pcs Luau Photo Booth Props - Hawaiian/Tropical/Tiki/Summer Pool Party Decorations Supplies60pcs Luau Photo Booth Props – Hawaiian/Tropical/Tiki/Summer Pool Party Decorations Supplies

Giving calendar

Create a calendar of ways you want to give to others in the new year.  Plan something unique each month or find a ministry to support or serve on a regular basis.

Since I started using this planner for Christian women with mix and match pages, it’s been so easy to have all the ideas we brainstorm together in one place.

Plus, the foundation of the planner features the Pray, Plan, Do method of planning to help you accomplish your goals while staying rooted in the promises of God.


Family PJ party

Are you having friends over to help you celebrate the new year?  Consider having a pajama party, where everyone wears their pjs and slippers.  Serve food such as milk and cookies, pizza and have a movie marathon.  It’s cozy and fun!

Minute-to-win it Game Night

I don’t watch Minute-to Win-It on a regular basis, but these fabulous fun, games will sure to be a hit of any party!  Hop on over and check out these fabulous game ideas from Chaos & the Clutter.

Flashback of the year

Look through photos of this year and reminisce of the good times and even those bittersweet moments.  Create a collage in Pic Monkey,  that sums up this year in pictures and save it as a memento.

Create an at-home spa

It is so fun to pamper your spouse and make him/her feel special!  Get creative about which “spa treatments” you will offer.  Ideas include a facial, foot scrub, massage, hand massage and more.  Don’t forget the candles and soft music.

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Letter exchange

Write a letter to your spouse or loved ones, sharing how they blessed your life this year and why you appreciate him/her.  Consider exchanging them when the clock strikes midnight!

Host friends in need

Who do you know who is struggling to pay the bills or is in need? Who do you know who is lonely and could use a friend?  The holidays can be a lonely time and hardships seem to be amplified, so you may want to reach out to those in need as the new year begins.

 Mystery dinner party

I’ve always wanted to host a mystery dinner party!  Check out this fun game, Icicle Twist,  to help you plan a New Year’s Eve to remember!

Murder Mystery Party - The Icicle TwistMurder Mystery Party – The Icicle Twist

Play a “game of the hour”

At the top of each hour, open an envelope with a game inside.  It could be as simple as tic-tac-toe or Go Fish, but open an envelope every hour leading up to midnight.

Create a time capsule

Take a stroll down memory lane of the happenings of this year by creating a time capsule of world events, family happenings, and popular trends. (This printable time capsule template makes it super easy!)

Open next New Year’s Eve to see how things have changed.  Don’t forget to include your major prayer requests of this year so you can see how God has worked.

Treasure hunt/scavenger hunt

Create a treasure hunt, complete with clues and a treasure around your house or yard.  You could even include acts that the “huntee” has to perform when they get to each destination. Have fun, mateys!

Make a Scavenger Hunt SIMPLE with this fun game that’s perfect for just the family or with a group!

Kid's and Family Party Game - Scavenger Hunt - Family Scavenger Hunt in a Box - Indoor and Outdoor Fun for Kids and Adults TogetherKid’s and Family Party Game – Scavenger Hunt – Family Scavenger Hunt in a Box – Indoor and Outdoor Fun for Kids and Adults Together

Family Olympics

Re-create the Olympics in your own home!  Tweak some traditional games to adapt them to play at home and hand out “medals” for the winners.  Invite another family over to play along!

Oh, My How You’ve Grown

Make a new tradition and measure your kids on a growth chart, make a model of their hand print, take a video of their best quotes and other ways you can capture them as they are at the end of this year.  How fun will it be next year to compare their growth and milestones?

Plan a vacation for the the next year or in the future

Do you have a trip you’ve always wanted to take?  This is the time!  Research a trip and make plans to get away in the upcoming year.

Elegant/romantic dinner at home

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to forgo an exquisite evening!  Order in or pick-up from a nice restaurant, wear a dress {yes, you can even shave your legs for this occasion!}, place candles everywhere, and dance to classical music.  Reconnect with your spouse after a busy holiday season and just enjoy each other!

Plan your year

Get out your planner and have fun planning your year.  Don’t forget major events, birthdays,  important anniversaries, and some date nights.  The Abundant Life Planner makes it easy to organize your life, reach your goals, and live on purpose- God’s way.

Plus, this complete life-management toolkit will keep you organized all year long and keep the chaos at bay. (Yes, please!)


Dare to dream planning

Dream big and plan big this New Year’s Eve!  Dream a huge dream and write it down.  Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years?  Create a road map of how you’ll get there or just write it down and put it in a visible place!  Do something everyday to make your dreams happen.

How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve in your house?

What’s your family tradition for ringing in the new year?

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  1. This is a PERFECT post. Just in time. We are going to a family New Year’s Eve party. I like that pj & board game ideas.

    1. You are SO very kind! Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you find some of these ideas helpful to help you ring in the new year. Enjoy!

  2. These are great ideas…. we stay at home each year and have our own special new year’s eve party… with fun snacks… but we make it pretty and use candlelight. Fun. 🙂

    1. How fun! New Year’s Eve at home can be super memorable and just as special as going somewhere. Plus, you don’t have be on the dangerous roads! Enjoy your party!

  3. Great list! I will be at work on New Year’s Eve (second of two night shifts in a row, I’m a nurse in a rural critical access hospital)… but I am going to show these to my husband, who will be the one valiantly attempting to stay up later than the kids do!

    1. I hope your husband has a blast using some of these ideas! Happy New Year!

  4. Such good ideas! I love the idea of using the New Year as the time to track how much the kids have grown. I’m horrible about remembering to do that.

    1. I am so bad about the measuring and those purposeful memory makers. It seems as though it’s a perfect time to do it!

  5. Confession: Last year we put the kids to bed at 10:00. They thought it was midnight. We went around and moved all the clocks up 2 hours while we watched a family movie. Parent exhaustion was fierce!! This year, we are going for some family fun 🙂 Great list here!

    1. I love it and can totally relate! We never make it till midnight but having fun is a great way to build memories!

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