20 Fun Family Games & Activities

You’ve been looking forward to a night of family games, but now that it’s here, you need ideas to make it memorable and engaging. Does that sound familiar?

What if instead of the same old, boring activities, you had a family game night  that invited laughter?  And what if your time together created memories to last a lifetime?

May this be your guide to creative family fun and to staying connected at the heart!

20 Fun Family Games & Activities

Free Printable What Am I? Cards – Picklebums

Get creative with these free printable “what am I” cards – a homemade game similar to Headbandz!

DIY Yard Yahtzee – The Pinning Mama

Play yard Yahtzee outdoors with giant dice!

Water Gun Painting – Somewhat Simple

If you’re looking for something out of the box, try water gun painting, if you don’t mind the mess!

Make family time fun and engaging! These simple family activities will help you build strong memories and stay connected at the heart!


Glow In The Dark Night Bowling – Growing A Jeweled Rose

Play glow in the dark bowling with DIY bowling pins and glow sticks! You can play in a room with the light out, or outdoors during night time!

Lawn Twister – Eucharisteo

Modify the game Twister for outdoors! You can use yard spray, or for some extra messy fun, put a sheet down and make the circles paint!

Paper Sack Pinatas – Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

You don’t need to have a party to create this DIY mini pinata!

How To Play Spoons – The Spruce

Spoons is a great card game for kids and adults. You’ll need a deck of cards and some spoons for this game.

Fun Family Game Night: Classification – Simple Play Ideas

Play Classification on family game night, which is a modification of Scattegories.

DIY Laser Maze Activity – Brassy Apple

Have you kids always wanted to be a spy or secret agent? Try this DIY laser maze activity, great for getting the whole family involved.

Saran Wrap Ball Game – I Save A to Z

Great for parties, this saran wrap ball game can be modified for families as a team-building activity!

Camp Fire Food: Fruit & Smore Cones – Kids Activities Blog

Have a camp fire together with unconventional food – camp fire s’mores and fruit.

Water Balloon Baseball – Overstuffed

Play baseball – with water balloons! Get the whole family involved with this unique family game.

Slapjack – Bicycle

In the card game slapjack, the goal is to win all of the cards. This game can be played with two people, or the whole family!

DIY Lawn Checkers – Lily Shop

Play the classic game of checkers, with a giant life sized version! It’s a great way to teach kids the old classic, with a new update to get them up and moving.

Angry Birds Backyard Version – My 4 Misters & Their Sister

You’ll need some teamwork to put together this backyard Angry Birds game, and you can sling the birds across your backyard!

Minute to Win It Game Night – All For The Boys

In sixty seconds or less, try to complete these fun challenges with household objects! Your game can be as similar or as different from the game show as you want.

DIY Backyard Ker-Plunk Game – All Parenting

Ker-Plunk is a tiny game with sticks and marbles. Try your hand at this giant, life-sized version!

Pool Noodle Frisbee Target – A Few Short Cuts

With cheap pool noodles, mold your own targets. Then, use frisbees and try to land them in the targets!

DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint – The Tiptoe Fairy

Get creative and let your imagination run free with this DIY sidewalk foam paint!

Jenga With A Twist! – Childhood 101

Jenga is a popular stacking game. Here is Jenga with a fun twist, making the whole family get up and move!

What are your favorite family activities?

What keeps you laughing and united at the heart?


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