Will you choose spiritual growth?

As the Make Over Your Family Bible Study Challenge comes to a close, you have a choice to make, friend.

Choice A

You can stay exactly where you are spiritually and overlook the lessons and opportunities to experience God anew that were taught in this course.  I understand that sometimes our season of life of hold us back and keeps us from moving forward.  I’ve been there. too.

Choice B

You’re ready to connect with God and experience Him anew. and to take small, actionable steps to grow in faith.

While it’s impossible to implement all aspects of the course overnight, you can choose to simply start and implement one small nugget of truth from the course at a time.

Bravo, friend!

There’s never a better decision than to take intentional steps to meet with God each day!  Let me make the next step easy…

Make spiritual growth simple and convenient

Now that you’ve decided to meet with God through a quiet time, you need simple and convenient tools to make it a reality.

In this course you’ve learned simple study methods for your personal quiet time and your family devotionals. As you determine what study method is best for your life right now, you’ll want to make your quiet time as simple and convenient as possible.

Honestly, the easier you can make it to meet with God each day, the more likely you’ll continue to stick with it.

Take the guesswork out of your time in the Word with the

Family Bible Study Toolkit. 

Your road map for Bible study success

Let the 40+ templates of the Family Bible Study Toolkit make your quiet time simple and convenient. Each template will act as a study guide as you read the Bible on your own. There’s no better way to connect to the heart of God than discovering His promises for yourself!

Plus this bundle, is designed to help busy families make Bible study a reality for both kids and parents.

Teaching the kids to love God has never been easier! The practical and simple activities in this toolkit will make it easy to dive into family devotionals or revamp your current routine with ease.


This massive bundle of Bible study tools is compiled of three printable packs:

  • The Bible Study Toolkit for Kids (20+ pages)
  • Women’s Bible Study Templates (10+ pages)
  • Men’s Bible Study Templates (10 pages)

The Bible Study Tool Kit for Kids 

 Women’s Bible Study Templates

Men’s Bible Study Templates

A special bonus to help you organize your templates

As you begin your adventure towards a deeper relationship with God, keep your templates organized with the stylish Bible Study Notebook Kit.  

You can easily organize by topic or by month, and the coordinating tab dividers make it so simple.  Plus, you’ll love taking notes and citing interesting passages with the matching Bible journaling stickers.  Too cute!

As you’re starting out, the Bible Study Planner will help you create a study plan that’s right for you.

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An invitation to spiritual growth

As you begin your adventure in pursuing God each day, I invite you to experience the ease and convenience of The Family Bible Study Toolkit.  

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For less than the price of a meal out with the family, you’ll gain access to 40+ Bible study resources that will help you start reading the Bible on your own and as a family.

You’ll be on your way to experiencing God in fresh, practical ways in both your personal and family Bible study.

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