Go against the grain of society...
live for Jesus and shine His love to a world in need

The world sets unrealistic and ungodly expectations of today's modern woman.

But the Gospel is an invitation to find freedom from the standards of the world and to discover true soul satisfaction in Jesus alone.

While the Proverbs 31 woman was never meant to be our idol or to-do list, insight into her character will spur us on to shine Jesus to a corrupt and hurting world.

Grab the new Becoming a Godly Woman Bible Study Kit to guide your way and root your heart in God's
virtuous character traits

This free Bible study kit will help you:

  • Discover how to live like a modern P31 woman in a corrupt world
  • Stand strong in godly character, even when it's not popular or is counter-culture
  • Ignite your spiritual growth with a 70-day Bible reading plan, prayer prompts, and prayer cards (plus more!)
  • Discover true satisfaction in Jesus alone 

Plus, you'll receive a new topical Bible reading plan directly into your inbox

each month as part of the P31 Scripture Sisterhood.  

You'll grow in faith with regular Bible study tips, prayer hacks, and practical ways 

to live on mission for Jesus in everyday life. 

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