Getting Healthy Doesn't 
Have to Be Hard!

Join the Healthy Habits Jump Start
to make your healthy living journey
easy and practical!

This FREE 5-Day Video Challenge will anchor your wellness goals with biblical truths and easy to implement baby steps towards a better you.

The Healthy Habits Jump Start
will equip you to: 

  • Take small steps to lasting, healthy habits
  • Create a wellness plan you can actually stick with  
  • Rely on the strength of the Lord when temptation comes
  • Renew your mind Christ to achieve your healthy living goals

The Healthy Living Jump Start is perfect for the busy woman who's short on time but big on desire to honor God in all aspects of her life, including healthy habits.

Plus, you'll receive regular healthy living encouragement, tips, and hacks via email to help you continue to thrive once the challenge is complete.

This challenge has concluded, but
check out the amazing Mindful Eating Challenge 
from Faithful Finish Lines!

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